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Sample Home Page and Reseller System

The reseller system allows you to completely private label our DNS services.

If you purchase the Custom Name Servers option, you can use your own domain name to provide DNS services for your clients. For example,,, and

This sample site was created using the GREYBODY2 template of the reseller system. You can use your own template to make the site look like your website by setting the style of template to NONE_NOBAR. Simply cut and paste your own HTML code with links to the pages in the menu on the left. You can also customize the home page content by creating the home page on your server and linking to in the reseller system rather than using the default home page we offer. This gives you alot of flexibility in customizing your reseller system.

If you view the source code of this page you will see exactly where your headers and footers are placed. There are commented lines to give you the exact locations so you can better determine how to code your custom headers and footers.

We have used the locking features of the reseller system to lock out new users from being created on this test site. We are only using this site as a platform for you to see and use for ideas and code help. If you need to test the functionality of the reseller system, then you should do that from your own reseller system.

If you would like to login and test the system, you can use TESTACCOUNT for the login and 123456 for the password. Keep in mind that all transactions are live and if someone else is on that account at the same time, you may run into a conflict with their updates and yours.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas... please let us know.